Our Mission

IceMakerPro.com is a website dedicated to everything that has to do with ice makers and ice making accessories. Ice makers might seem like a luxury, but we want to show consumers how many options there are.

We believe that if you want to buy an ice maker machine, you absolutely should. You can find an ice machine to suit almost any budget, and fulfill your ice making needs. But to find the right ice maker, you need to do some research.

We decided to make IceMakerPro.com to help you speed up the research process. On our website, you’ll find reviews for the best ice maker machines, from small countertop ice makers to undercounter ice makers, from pellet ice maker machines to crushed ice makers. So instead of trying to hunt for the best ice maker deals on your own, we’ll provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision.

Our Authors

Sam Barker

Sam loves everything that has to do with technology. He’s especially interested in home appliances that use the latest technology in a way that genuinely makes your life easier. This is partly why he likes to spend hours and hours reading reviews. He wants to see if a gadget is truly functional and practical before he decides if it’s worth the investment.

Stella Cook

Stella is a very practical person. When she’s reviewing a product, she likes to imagine herself actually using it on a daily basis. She’s very hard to impress, and labels like “latest technology” and “amazing innovation” make her very skeptical. She believes a solid product speaks for itself, especially when it comes to home appliances.

Jeremy Nelson

Jeremy works as an IT specialist but he’s slowly starting to invest more time in his real passion, writing tech reviews for gadgets and software. He hopes his love of writing comes through in his reviews as well. He has a very analytical mind, and hopes someday he’ll be able to maintain his own blog, and maybe even branch out into SF literature.

Stan Hughes

Stan admits he’s not very knowledgeable when it comes to technology. But when it comes to tech reviews for practical gadgets and appliances, he believes that’s a plus. He can really focus on how a piece of technology actually works, and whether or not it’s useful to have in your home.