11 Best Commercial Ice Machines in 2018

A chilled drink is just what people need in hot weather. As a restaurant or bar owner, you wouldn’t want to run out of ice during such moments. Having dissatisfied customers will greatly reduce your sales. For this reason, a good commercial ice machine is an essential investment for your establishment. When purchasing one, you need to consider the ice production capacity, ice types, energy savings, and the ice storage capacity. In this post, we’ve outlined for you ten of the best commercial ice machine models that fit the criteria above.

11. U-Line BI95B-00 Ice Maker

The 14-inch U-Line Commercial ice maker uses roughly three gallons of water to produce 23 lbs of ice daily. It produces crescent-shaped ice measuring 0.5 x 0.75 x 2.24 inches. This unit is designed to be used either freestanding or as an under-counter ice machine. Therefore, you can easily fit it in your commercial kitchen cabinet or place it in some convenient corner.

U-Line’s door swing is field reversible for easy access. To make the most out of the internal space, you can add 0.25-inch custom insert panel. U-Line is one of the best commercial ice machine brands that deliver great value for money. Get it on Amazon at pocket-friendly prices.

u-line bi85b-00 ice maker

10. Scotsman CU50PA Gourmet Ice Maker

Scotsman ice machines are famous for their top-class build quality. The CU50PA produces clear hard ice know as gourmet ice. The cubes are mostly used in high-end beverages and upscale cocktails. This ice machine yields up to 65 pounds of cubed ice daily. After the ice forms, the machine empties them into an inbuilt tray with a capacity of up to 26 lbs.

This equipment is Energy Star certified and can be used outdoors in an open bar for instance. Scotsman’s water-sense technology flushes off scale build-up within the unit after every freezing cycle. Its built-in pump sucks out excess water. Purchase this commercial ice machine on Amazon and enjoy a 1-year warranty.

scotsman cu50pa ice maker

9. Whynter UIM-155 Ice Maker

Whynter brings you the best commercial ice machine featuring the latest innovations in ice production. The Whynter UIM-155 comes in a stainless steel design and a dark cabinet that will accent your kitchen or bar area stylishly. It makes up to 12 lbs of crescent ice daily. The unit features both built-in and freestanding installation with front venting.

Whynter UIM-155 has an auto shut-off feature which kicks in when ice production reaches the maximum ice storage limit. The unit also comes with a food-grade water line connection for a convenient refill every cycle. It is best suited for small restaurants or bars.

whynter uim-155 ice maker

8. New Ice-O-Matic Commercial Half Cube Ice Maker

The New Ice-O-Matic is a self-contained unit that can produce a whopping 238 pounds of half-ice cubes per day. Its internal storage carries up to 70 pounds of ice cubes. This makes it suitable for large-scale beverage drive-ins and bars. The New Ice-O-Matic model is air-cooled and uses a front air exchange. It is Energy Star-certified- an aspect that makes it the best commercial ice machine for the energy-conscious business owners.

Ice-O-Matic delivers top-notch features to ensure durability and performance. The unit has a harvest assist technology that facilitates the ice production process. In addition to that, it is equipped with antimicrobial protection to prevent bacteria and fungi growth. Get more details about the New Ice-O-Matic on Amazon.

ice-o-matic commercial ice maker

7. Costzon Stainless Steel Best Commercial Ice Maker

Cotzon Ice Maker comes in a stainless steel design that is rust-proof. It makes 0.09-inch bullet-shaped ice cubes that meet a broad range of commercial demands. Cotzon’s most appropriate areas of application include restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. The unit allows you to enjoy freestanding, recessed, or built-in applications. Typically, you can set it up in any space with a good water source and drainage.

A bestseller on Amazon, the Cotzon ice maker produces up to 110 pounds of hard ice cubes per day. It is quite efficient owing to its ergonomic controls and automated operation. Once you set the timer, you are free to go about your regular duties as the ice cubes form and drop into the built-in tray.

costzon ice maker

6. Manitowoc Neo UR-0140A

The Neo UR-0140A belongs to a series to top quality ice maker models from Manitowoc Company. It uses 25% less water and 45% less energy than its predecessor-QR-130A. Also, it produces 122 pounds of ice daily, which is roughly 40 pounds more than the QR-130A. Manitowoc’s built-in bin has a capacity of 90 pounds and is a leader in its class.

The Neo Series comes with feedback indicators that sense when the storage bin is almost full. The feature also allows you to reduce the production speed when your restaurant traffic slows down. Unlike most equipment, this best commercial ice machine has antimicrobial add-ons in its distribution tube, evaporator, air filter, and damper door.

You can read our Neo UR-0140A to learn more about this ice maker.

manitowoc neo im-150Us ice maker

5. Sunpentown IM-150US Under-counter Ice Maker

The IM-150US is a sleek under-counter ice maker from the reputable Sunpentown brand. It comes with an elegant stainless steel design. The unit produces 12 pounds of crescent ice cubes daily. It has a retractable storage bin that can contain up to 6 pounds of ice.

The Sunpentown’s design allows for either built-in or freestanding application. When you opt for the built-in option, you will need a licensed plumber to ensure a successful installation. Consequently, there has to be a 25-inch water line connection from which the unit will draw water. Sunpentown is quite effective especially for a small-scale grocery store or hotel application.

You can read our Sunpentown IM-150US to learn more about this ice maker.

sunpentown im-150us ice maker

4. EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker

The EdgeStar IB120 is a commercial ice maker that features the under-counter design. This unit is one of the best commercial ice machine brands that feature an ADA-compliant height. It is quite popular due to its compact and sturdy build.

The machine is incredibly easy to use. Once you turn it on via the ergonomic button, it will go off automatically when the removable ice cube reservoir fills up. EdgeStar IB120 also doubles as a freezer. This additional feature keeps the ice cubes hard for as long as you desire. Also, you don’t have to worry about draining excess melted water.

You can read our full EdgeStar IB120SS review to learn more about this ice maker.

edgestar ib120ss ice maker

3. Igloo ICE103 Ice Maker

The Igloo ICE103 is one of the few countertop ice makers that can be used commercially. It is particularly applicable in a restaurant or wet bar setup. Due to its compact and portable design, Igloo can also be utilized in an outdoor coffee shop setting.

Igloo ICE103 produces ice in under six minutes. In addition to that, it provides three different ice cube sizes in every cycle. If you need an economy commercial ice machine, igloo might be your best bet.

igloo ice103 ice maker

2. Maxx Ice MIM250 Self-Contained Ice Maker

Maxx Ice MIM250 is the best commercial ice machine with regards to ice production capacity per cycle. The compact unit can produce a massive 250 pounds of ice cubes per day. It also has one of the largest bins (75pounds) for storing ready ice cubes. Owing to its versatility, Maxx Ice is best suited for large hotels, restaurants, and bars. The unit is NSF- and UL-approved for application in commercial holdings.

This ice machine measure 39 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. It features an air-cooled design, which enables it to produce lots of ice cubes in a flash. Also, Maxx Ice brags of an automatic cleaning cycle.

You can read our full review on the Maxx Ice MIM250 ice maker to get more details.

maxx ice commercial ice maker

1. BEAMNOVA Commercial Ice Maker

BEAMNOVA Commercial Ice Maker

The BEAMNOVA Commercial Ice Maker can make up to 100 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours with an ice making cycle of 12 to 18 minutes. Its led indicator tells you when to add more water and indicates when to remove the ice bucket once it’s full. Once the ice storage bin is full, the machine proceeds to cold preservation stage and it will switch back to ice production mode once the ice is removed.

This ice maker machine also features a timing function that allows it to start when the ice maker is turned off and to stop when the ice maker is turned on. With a 35 lb. storage bin, this best commercial ice making machine is ETL, CSA, and UL-approved for commercial use.


In conclusion, these are some of the best commercial ice machine brands in the market today. They produce various ice types that can apply for different commercial demands. The machine that you choose should match the scale and nature of work you need to perform. For massive ice production, Maxx Ice MIM250 works exceptionally well. However, if you need a versatile machine for a smaller scale business, the BEAMNOVA ice maker is an excellent choice.

Have you interacted with any of these commercial ice machines before? If yes, share with us your experience. Otherwise, you can also post some of your suggestions in the comment section.

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