6 Best Manual Ice Crushers in 2017

A manual ice crusher is the next must-have appliance for your kitchen. It comes in handy when hosting a party, creating cool refreshing beverages as it will turn ice cubes into small, manageable chunks that give cocktails just the right blend without watering them down. But what do you look for in the best manual ice crusher?

We’ve put together a top 6 list of the best manual ice crushers that were chosen based on usability, price, size, and user’s opinions. Let’s take a look!

6. Metrokane Retro Ice Crusher

Like the other Metrokane Ice Crusher on our list, the Retro Ice Crusher takes you back in time to the original 1950s ice crusher style. Great for frozen margaritas and daiquiris, the Retro Ice Crusher has a heavy-duty, all-metal top, plus a clear base. This is a durable machine that you will use for many years.

The comfortable and sturdy metal handle lets you make both coarsely and finely crushed ice. This is a fast and easy to use machine that can crush up to a quart of ice in under two minutes. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on all its moving parts.

Users were happy with its versatility, stackable molds, and that the shaving blade is adjustable. Others weren’t happy that it doesn’t crush ice evenly and you need to have a lot of muscles to get it to work right. Even though it got the last spot in this top, it’s still one of the best manual ice crushers available on the market this year.

metrokane manual ice crusher

5. Cilio Deluxe Ice Crusher Review

Another convenient and easy to use manual ice crusher from a German company, Cilio is great for indoor and outdoor use. With the well-padded crank handle, you can comfortably crank ice at home, on your boat, or at a picnic. It’s steel crushing blades are made of robust stainless steel guaranteeing long-term use.

With its chromed metal housing, this machine will last a long time. The protective, non-slip feet keep it from moving while you use it, and, due to its small size, it is very easy to store and carry.

Users loved the removable drawer and included ice scoop as well as how easy it was to use and store. Others disliked its sharp edges and some of its plastic flimsy parts.

cilio manual ice crusher

Note: If a heavy-duty ice crusher would fit your needs best but don’t want to invest in one, check out our list the best blenders for crushing ice! And if you’re a more traditional ind of gal or guy, you might also want to read our article on the best ice picks!

4. VonShef Manual Ice Crusher Machine

If you are looking for a great ice crusher for a party, the VonShef Manual Ice Crusher will grind, crush, and chop ice to make a variety of different drinks. It comes with an elegant design that will add to the décor of your bar or kitchen, and it blends in well with other appliances.

The VonShef also comes with a handy ice scoop and a well-padded operation handle that is comfortable and easy to use. This is a convenient machine that will give you mess-free operation with its non-slip feet keeping it in one place on your counter.

Most owners found that they liked the design of the machine and the elegance it added to their kitchen. They also liked the additional ice scoop, and its ability to crush, chop, and grind ice. Others were disappointed that it did not come with instructions and that it was not very sturdy.

vonshef manual ice crusher

3. Metrokane Rabbit Ice Crusher

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, the Metrokane Rabbit Ice Crusher is a great idea for the margarita and frozen daiquiri lover in your life. This is a hand-cranked ice crusher that will crush ice from either coarse to fine consistency. The top handle has a heavy-duty, sturdy construction, and the metal has a polished chrome finish.

The Metrokane Rabbit easily crushes up to a quart of ice in two minutes. All the parts are easily washed by hand, and the Metrokane comes with a lifetime warranty on all its moving parts.

Reviewers liked that it crushes a large amount of ice, it is sturdy and durable, and easy to store. Others disliked that it is heavy to lift, and it is somewhat hard to get started. It’s not the best manual ice crusher on this list if we look at its ratings and reviews, but it’s a reliable choice nonetheless.

metrokane manual ice crusher

2. Innovee Manual Ice Crusher

The Innovee Manual Ice Crusher is beautifully designed and is a great addition to any bar or kitchen. It includes a large capacity ice bucket and an ice spoon that lets you easily scoop the ice out. The Innovee grinds, cuts, and chops your ice to your preferred fineness level allowing you to make amazing drinks that look and taste great.

This is a manual machine, so you don’t have to worry about batteries or charging the machine. It includes carbon stainless steel 430 blades that easily crush your ice every time you use it.

Users enjoyed that it was simple to use, low maintenance, durable, and had a modern look. Others disliked that it doesn’t have suction to hold it to the counter and that it is hard for older people to turn. Even though it’s the second best manual ice crusher, it still is a reliable choice for home use.

innovee manual ice crusher

1. Victorio Ice Crusher

When you want fast and easy crushed ice, the Victorio Ice Crusher can quickly give you finely crushed or coarse ice for your favorite drinks. It comes in a compact size that is easy to store and use. The Victorio is a great addition to your bar or kitchen and comes with a five-year warranty.

With stainless steel blades and a sturdy body, you can quickly crush up to four cups of crushed ice. Plus, the suction base keeps the Ice Crusher from moving while you are using it; this is, according to online ratings and reviews, the best manual ice crusher available for online purchase this year.

Reviewers loved that it was easy to use, creates a good supply of ice chips, and makes two different sizes of ice. Others disliked that it tends to rust if you don’t dry off the parts and that you have to have it on an area where the suction can hold it in place or it will move while you crank it.

victorio manual ice crusher

Final Verdict

If you enjoy the convenience of having crushed ice whenever you want, purchasing a manual ice crusher is the way to go. One of these options will definitely be the best manual ice crusher that works for your needs. Did you agree with our top 6? Let us know in the comment section below!

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