Della Portable Ice Maker

Are you ever in need different shaped cubes of ice, but hate buying tons of varieties of ice cube trays? Luckily for you, ice makers were invented! To follow up your question of not only needing different sized ice, do you also need an ice maker that is portable? Well, if you are, the best product you can try is the Della Portable Ice Maker. Don’t worry, I’m sure you have questions.

Just keep on reading and we will go over the specs of the Della (such as how heavy, tall, or battery required to operate the device), what kind of people would love the device, the pros and cons of owning it, and what some happy customers are saying about it.

Della Portable Ice Maker

della portable ice maker

The Della Portable Ice Maker is the perfect device for any sized party or just general use at home. It can produce over 25 pounds of ice a day, not to mention the ability to create ice cold frozen cubes in less than 6 minutes. With its sporty sleek shape, it will look great on any counter or kitchen. It also has 2 removable cube trays to easily transfer to your freezer. With ETL, CSA, and UL listed certifications you’ll love knowing how safe this device is to have in your home. For technological geniuses out there, this ice maker comes with digital control with touch screen buttons to make it the ultimate gadget for any family.

Della Portable Ice Maker Specs:

  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Has 120 voltage
  • Add water indicator on the main interface
  • Capacity of 26 pounds of ice
  • Generating cycle of 6 minutes
  • Bright lit interface for indicator lights
  • Generates ice in 6 minutes or less
  • Automatic overflow protection
  • On/off controls on the main interface
  • Made of plastic material

Operating the Della Portable Ice Maker

This ice maker is perfectly suitable for any kitchen or space with a significant outlet with which you want to use it. If you have an outdoor outlet, you can use it outdoors without any significant issues. It is made of a strong durable plastic, making it suitable for daily wear and tear.
If you plan to keep the ice maker indoors, it comes with easy countertop installation. The best uses for this product include large gatherings due to its large capacity and how quickly it can manufacture ice. Of course, it is perfect for small daily use as well.

Della Portable Ice Maker – Pros and Cons


  • Made of a strong durable plastic for daily wear and tear
  • Sleek bullet design adds as the perfect addition to any kitchen or gathering
  • Simple to use touch buttons on nicely lit main interface
  • Produces up to 26 pounds of ice
  • Can make ice in as little as 6 minutes


  • Requires a lot of energy (120 volts)
  • Works better indoors rather than outdoors due to it being an electric device
  • Expensive
  • More suitable for larger gatherings than small daily use
  • May be unsuitable for smaller kitchens due to its larger size

What Users Say

One customer, who said that he and his partner will live in an RV for a year, said that he could not live without ice, so he bought the ice maker. After he received the package, he was very satisfied by the ice maker. Especially the option to choose from two different sized cubes. Also, to watch the ice maker working was a real surprise for the customer. On top of it all, he liked the gas back system that helps release the cubes when they are done.

Another customer was surprised by the size of the ice maker, stating that it is twice as tall as he thought it would, but that he was not complaining, seeing how ice cubes were made in just six minutes. His only complaint is that the ice cubes are very wet when taken out of the machine, freezing into a big clump when put into the freezer and that he has to break them up using a knife. But, besides this issue, he is still satisfied with the ice maker.

One customer was a little disappointed by the fact that the ice maker does not have a certain place to keep the scoop. He suggests that a removable pocket would be a good design improvement. One other issue was that the water tank is underneath the ice storage. He says that there should be a hole that flips out with a water level indicator. But, overall, he is satisfied by the ice maker and that it makes ice very quickly.

You can read more customer reviews on Amazon’s review page.


The Della Portable Ice Maker is an incredibly powerful machine full of a multitude of features. It is not only perfect for just about anyone, but it’s a great addition for family get-togethers and general use in any home or kitchen. Now that we showed you every detail of this ice maker, its pros and cons, and some user reviews, I hope we helped narrow your choice and made buying a new ice maker for you a little bit easier.

If you decided to go with the Della Portable Ice Maker or helped you choose a similar product, feel free to comment your experience below!

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