Della 048-GM-48196 Undercounter Ice Maker Review

Some ice makers are for small parties or for home use, but the Della undercounter ice maker makes much more ice than those versions. It’s designed to be used in commercial settings. It will fit snugly under the counter, freeing up space and allowing you to have fresh ice to various uses all day long. This machine may not be as easy to install and get going as some smaller less heavy-duty ice makers, but, once you get it to work, you’ll love the ease of use.

Read on for a more detailed description of the strengths and weaknesses of the Della ice maker, as well as a summary of what users have to say about it. Then we’ll let you know if the Della ice maker is likely ideal for you.

Della Undercounter Ice Maker – Description

Note: The Della 048-GM-48196 ice maker is currently unavailable. Until it gets back in stock, why not take a look at these commercial ice makers to choose your favorite?

The Della ice maker includes an ice maker, storage bin, and drain. This mid-sized, free-standing undercounter ice maker has a stainless steel finish for an attractive silver look. It connects directly to the water line and electrical current, allowing you to have ready ice at your hands throughout the day without putting in much of any effort.

This ice maker makes ice quite quickly once it gets going, taking an average of 6 minutes to make a full round of ice. It can make up to 100 pounds of ice in a day and can hold 35 pounds of that ice at a time in its well-insulated storage bin. The ice cubes have a bullet-shape and come in only one size.

The Della ice maker doesn’t require professional installation, but it is strongly recommended. This is mainly because it requires connection to a water line, which may be tricky, depending on the setting. A professional plumber will be able to set this ice maker up easily, in a way that doesn’t result in any errors. This unit includes a drain, which can be attached to any floor drain. It also includes automatic overflow protection. Also, this ice maker has ETL, CSA, and UL certifications. It’s certified for commercial use

Della Undercounter Ice Maker – Specs

  • Free-standing ice maker
  • Produces clear bullet-shaped ice cubes
  • Makes 100 pounds of ice every 24 hours
  • It takes a mere 6 minutes to produce a cycle of ice
  • Integrated storage bin holds 35 pounds of ice at a time
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Weighs 120 pounds
  • 19 x 20 x 35 inches
  • Water line required
  • NSF and UL approved for commercial use
  • Professional installation by plumber strongly recommended

Operating Della Undercounter Ice Maker

The Della undercounter ice maker is for commercial use. It can be used in restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, and other commercial applications where fresh loose ice is often needed. This ice maker is also ideal for home use if you have a home wet bar. In a home setting, this ice maker will make it easier than ever to entertain many guests at once.

This ice maker is not easy to install yourself, but it is easy to operate once it gets going. Since it connects to the water line, you don’t need to add any water yourself. Simply turn it on and it will start making ice from your own water supply.

This ice maker also has the option to set a timer, so you can determine when you need the fresh ice to be ready and stored. When the storage bin is full of ice, an alert will go off notifying you that you need to remove some of the ice before more ice can be made. Additionally, an alert will go off if the water reservoir runs too low to continue making ice. In addition to this, the ice making unit comes with a plastic scoop which can you can use to dispense ice from the storage bin into drinks or any other necessary uses.

If you’re done using the unit, simply leave the reservoir full of ice and it won’t attempt to make any more. Otherwise, you can turn off the unit if the reservoir is empty. Note that the storage bin is well-insulated but will not keep the ice entirely frozen the way a traditional freezer would, so the ice shouldn’t be left sitting in the storage bin all day long. It has a hefty price tag on Amazon, but, if you can afford it, the $910.40 will be a worthy investment.

Della Undercounter Ice Maker – Pros and Cons


  • Produces and stores a large amount of ice per day
  • Makes attractive, bullet-shaped ice
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple controls, including on/off switch and timer
  • Produces ice quickly, in just 6 minutes on average
  • ETL, CSA, and UL certified
  • Not particularly loud


  • Cannot add water manually
  • Requires connection to water line
  • Difficult to install
  • You likely need professional installation for home use
  • Some maintenance issues
  • Hefty price tag
Customer rating:

What Users Say

User reviews on this ice maker are split almost evenly. Half of all users love this unit and find it to live up to their expectations, while a little less than half have found it to be subpar. Let’s start with the positives.

Firstly, users love that this unit runs very quietly, rather than making loud clanking noises while it operates, as some other ice makers do. The large amount of ice that it produces on a continuous basis has lots of appreciation, especially in commercial settings. It is also praised for its attractive look, and professional-grade stainless steel finish.

Where this unit falls short are that some people have great difficulty installing it. Some users got error codes saying that the compressor was not functioning correctly. Others had success with the ice maker initially, and then after a few weeks found that it ceased to make ice or that the compressor stopped working. However, there is no certainty that they followed the user manual as requested.


The Della ice maker shines in several ways: it’s easy to use, makes good-sized ice rapidly and continuously, and stores 35 pounds of ice at one time. The main downsides to this unit are that it needs installation by a professional plumber, may require maintenance after installation, not to mention it is rather large and not easy to move. Also, it’s quite a bit more expensive owing to its large size and commercial certification.

In short, this unit is ideal for those who regularly use huge amounts of ice, whether for their business or for events at home. If you have the budget to hire a professional to install this attractive unit, then it will likely turn out to be the ideal ice maker for you.

Let us know if you’ve had any experience with the Della undercounter ice maker. If not, and questions arise, let us know and we’ll clarify it all. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more Ice Maker Pro reviews.


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