Emerson IM93B Portable Ice Maker Review

This Emerson portable ice maker is designed to supply ice cubes for blended drinks or to fill a soda cooler, and can work anywhere there’s a power supply. In this article, we’re going to provide a detailed review of the Emerson IM93B portable ice maker. We will analyze the ease of use of this product,

Emerson Portable Ice Maker Description

The Emerson IM93B countertop ice machine is user-friendly with a simple design and multiple indicators on the front to help you adjust the settings. Its indicator lights include a display of the power, options for changing the ice cube size, and a display to let you know whether to add water or remove ice. The unit has a total storage capacity of 2.2 pounds of ice and can produce up to 27 pounds of ice per day with an always full reservoir. The onboard water storage container can hold 3 quarts of water. It comes with an ice bucket and user manual, and an ice scoop is built into the lid for removal of ice.

This ice machine operates using 134a refrigerant at low power, which is environmentally friendly. It can be plugged into a standard outlet to make ice. Users have three choices for ice size, which will be produced at about 10 cubes per cycle.

emerson portable ice maker

Emerson Portable Ice Maker Specs

  • Black color
  • 2.2-pound storage capacity
  • 3-quart water storage capacity
  • Choice of three ice cube sizes
  • Highly efficient compressor at 115V 60Hz 140W
  • Low noise operation
  • Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
    Indicator lights for water and ice level
  • Convenient water drain
  • Net weight of 20.9 pounds
  • Measures 13.25 by 11.5 by 14.5 inches
  • Package includes an owner’s manual, ice scoop, and power cord

Operating the Emerson Portable Ice Maker

To operate the Emerson IM93B countertop ice machine, make sure the water reservoir is full, and the unit is plugged in and turned on. The indicator light will show whether the power is on. Under that display, select the size of ice cube you wish to make. Once the ice is ready, the Emerson portable ice maker will display an indicator light and stop making new ice. Simply remove the ice, and the unit will resume making ice. If the water runs out, the indicator light will display a notification. Fill the water reservoir, and ice making will resume.

For each cycle, the Emerson IM93B churns out approximately 10 ice cubes. You’ll have three different choices of ice cube sizes. The lid of the machine comes with a scoop to help you remove and service the ice. This Emerson portable ice maker weighs approximately 20 pounds and measures 13 by 14.5 by 11.5 inches, so if you’re setting it up on a buffet table, it will have a relatively small profile. Its sleek, black design is attractive enough to put on display if you want guests to scoop their own ice.

This Emerson ice machine can be set up outdoors or indoors to supply ice for a tailgate party, picnic or another occasion. If you use purified drinking water, the ice cubes can be added directly to beverages or blended to make drinks. If you have a separate cooler to keep beverages or other items chilled for many hours at a time, simply make and add more ice cubes as needed. This machine can operate for many hours without overheating, so you can keep a party supplied with ice for as long as guests are thirsty.

For the best results, keep the Emerson portable ice maker in the shade, and you’ll also want to keep it away from traffic because of the potential hazard of tripping over the power cord. If you need to operate the ice machine far from an outlet, a standard extension cord will fit the power cord.

Emerson Portable Ice Maker Pros and Cons

Check out what Emerson portable ice maker reviews are saying about this product’s best points and where it could be improved.


  • The ice machine operates quietly, so it will not disturb your party or another gathering.
  • Many Emerson portable ice maker reviews indicate that the unit is a great value for its price.
  • The ice machine can produce three different sizes of ice depending on your needs.
  • The portable ice maker makes ice quickly, according to many reviews.
  • The unit is small and easily portable, so it can be taken to picnics or set up outside for parties.


  • Many users note that the ice melts quickly.
  • The Emerson portable ice maker produces only a small quantity of ice at a time, about enough for one glass, which is insufficient for some users’ needs.
  • The machine requires a periodic restart if used all day to continually produce ice.

What Users Say

Overall, Emerson portable ice maker reviews indicate that the product is a great value for its price. The unit makes ice very quickly, so even though a limited quantity is made at once, the ice is ready for use without much delay.

Some users believe that the product is too small for their needs, saying it makes only enough ice for one glass at a time. If you need to prepare a large quantity of ice, it would be better to choose a larger ice maker or begin operating this machine well in advance of your party.

One of the most common issues pointed out in Emerson portable ice maker reviews is that the machine cannot function continually without interruption; if used throughout an entire day, it must be unplugged and restarted every so often. This is explained in the user manual.


The Emerson portable ice maker is compact and convenient. If you need a separate appliance to produce ice for home use or during a social gathering, then this unit will produce small quantities of ice quickly and reliably. The user-friendly indicator lights are convenient for knowing when to remove ice and refill the unit. However, if you want an ice machine that produces larger quantities of ice and will require less monitoring, then a larger unit might be better for your needs.

Do you have any experiences with this particular ice maker or a similar model? Please feel free to share your comments or ask any questions you have about the Emerson portable ice maker.


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