Everything You Need to Know About Ice Maker Parts

Ice machines at-home luxuries and restaurant must-haves.

Whether you’re in food service, needing to store food or present customers with high-quality beverages or if you love the convenience of having prepared ice at home, ice makers can help.

That being said, ice makers, and therefore ice maker parts are some of the highest selling restaurant expenses – and they come in all shapes and sizes.

It helps to know the specific ice maker parts if you’re in the food business. If you’re looking to invest in an ice maker kit or a refrigerator ice maker, it’s also very beneficial to learn the various ice maker parts to help with repairs and installation.

Ice Maker Back Story

To become more familiar with your ice machine or ice maker kit, it helps to become acquainted with where they came from.

Before the commercial ice machine that you see today, restaurants were required to make ice by filling trays with water, freezing them overnight and hoping they don’t run out. Nowadays, restaurants have access to advances technology to create cleaner ice faster and more efficiently.

ice maker parts

Homeowners also reap the rewards of advancing technology by having access to at-home ice maker machines. Not only that, but ice maker kits allow homeowners to set up their ice maker themselves without much hassle or extra expense.

You can obtain these at-home ice makers by purchasing GE parts or Home Depot parts, or by purchasing one of their ice maker kits — which tends to be a lot simpler, especially for first-timers.

This blog will outline all the main ice maker parts you’ll need to properly install your own ice maker at home. Alternatively, if you’re a restaurant owner, you can use this list to become more familiar with your ice maker machine in case you need to perform quick DIY fixes during rush hour!

Main Parts of an Ice Maker

We’ve outlined and described the main parts of an ice maker to ensure you have expert knowledge when assembling your at-home ice maker or fixing your store-owner ice machine:

  • Water Valve: The water valve is a feel line that runs from the water supply in the refrigerator. This water supply must be filtered since contaminants in the water can ruin ice mold coatings.
GE WR57X10033 Genuine OEM Single Outlet Water Valve With Guard for GE...
  • The GE Appliances WR57X10033 Single Outlet Water Valve With Guard is a genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)...
  • Replacement GE Appliances Refrigerator Single Outlet Water Valve With Guard supplies water to the ice maker and water...
  • GE Appliances WR57X10033 Refrigerator Single Outlet Water Valve With Guard has been updated by the manufacturer and is...
  • Control Module and Motor: This is an electronic control that operates the motor and is the main function for the ice maker’s mechanical parts. The motor is made up of gears which rotate in order to turn the mechanical parts for proper function.
  • Heavy Duty Quality Assured Replacement Part
  • Fits Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, Kenmore, Sears, Estate and...
  • Thermostat and Mold Heater: These two parts help control the ice maker’s cooling system in order to make ice. As soon as the thermostat is turned off, the motor activates the mold heater as well as the harvesting arm. As soon as the thermostat is turned off, the mold heater is activated to loosen ice cubes their mold in order to be released.
GENUINE Frigidaire 241983101 Icemaker Mold Thermostat Unit
  • Frigidaire (FRIGB)
  • Genuine Replacement Part
  • Frigidaire item
  • Sensing, Bail and Harvesting Arms: The harvesting arm is activated in accordance with the mold heater activation, in order to release the ice cubes from the mold. As soon as the ice is released, the bail arm pushes the door open, allowing the ice cubes to come through. The sensing arm can tell when the ice is ready by feeling the ice to ensure it’s frozen all the way through.
Frigidaire 218513800 Extension Bail Arm for Refrigerator
  • 218513800
  • Extension Bail Arm
  • Genuine replacement part
  • Ice Mold: A thinly coated ice tray. Water freezes in these molds to produce ice cubes and then is released into a container within the freezer.
Whirlpool W10190929 Refrigerator Ice Maker Ice Mold Genuine Original...
  • This part is compatible with models including;...
  • This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts...
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Whirlpool,Kenmore,Kitchenaid,Kenmore...

Common Ice Maker Issues

The most common ice maker problems include the following:

  1. Mold heaters fail to turn on
  2. Mold coatings rub off, which affects ice cube dispensing
  3. Blocked chutes which create harvest problems
  4. Thermostat issues which stop ice production or over-produces

Through minor adjustments, these issues can be easily fixed. However, if you are experiencing issues with your control module or motor, you may need a part replacement.

Ice makers are small appliances that live within the freezer. Due to this fact, ice maker repairs are sometimes inconvenient. It’s a small machine with many different parts and many sources to its issues.

This sometimes can lead to frustrations or hefty bills if you’ve chosen to call up a technician.

Either way, ice machine repairs are time-consuming.

So, What’s the Best Solution?

If your ice machine is experiencing problems, the best solution would be to become acquainted with each ice machine part, how it works and common issues it experiences. The more aware and knowledgeable you are with each part of an ice machine, the easier and less-stressful ice machine repairs will become. Not only that, but you will save a lot of money performing DIY repairs on your ice machine as opposed to calling a technician.

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