10 Best Ice Cube Trays in 2018

Ice cube molds have evolved quite a bit over the years. The best ice cube trays are made of silicon to make removal of shaped cubes easier. Silicon molds also allow for more detailed ice cubes than you can get when using a plastic tray. When considering which ice tray to buy, consider how, when, and by whom the ice cubes will be used. This will help you determine which tray will meet your needs the best. We have included the best-rated ice cube trays we found online  some have a classic design while others will make for the funniest or best-looking drinks.

10. Vitabliss Ice Mold Set

This ice molding set comes with two very different designs. The first is a four-count sphere mold and the second is a mustache shaped mold. Because it is made of silicone, you can make flavored ice without worrying about the mold holding onto, and then transferring that flavor to the next round of ice you make. An unexpected combination, it is fun to mix the spheres and moustaches in a pitcher, especially if you use colored water to make the ice shapes. The moustache mold can also be used for flavored gelatin.

Vitabliss Ice Mold Set

9. Bella Amazing Silicone Jumbo Ice Tray

Larger ice cubes result in less drink dilution and a tastier beverage. This tray is 8.4 x 4.4 inches and makes eight ice cubes. These large cubes take longer to freeze. This tray is made of BPA-free, FDA grade silicone. Ice cubes this big are well suited for mixed drinks or cocktails where it is important that the flavor remains undiluted. It is also good in breakfast drinks to prevent losing some of the juicy flavor that happens when smaller cubes melt faster.

Bella Amazing Silicone Jumbo Ice Tray

8. Roxie Rounds Silicone Ice Round Molds

These round ice cubes allow you to create beautiful drinks because of the two-part mold. You fill the mold from two holes in the top and leave it in the freezer. These 2.5 inch ice balls will take considerably longer than traditionally sized ice cubes. Like other large ice cubes, these are ideal for drinks that you do not want diluted. They are especially useful in large pitchers when serving a crowd, helping ensure the last drinks poured from the pitcher are as flavorful as the first. Adding fruit or colorful vegetables to the center of the mold also dresses up a plain water pitcher.

Roxie Rounds Silicone Ice Round Molds

7. Excelity® MINI Silicone Ice Tray

You have two shape choices with this mini silicone ice tray. Round and square cubes are possible. Not only can you make small ice shapes, but you can also use these trays to bake mini cake or brownie bites. The maximum temperature is 464 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need to adjust the cooking time accordingly. Mini ice shapes are a nice change for people who like to chew their ice after finishing the drink.

Excelity MINI Silicone Ice Ball Ice Tray

6. Talisman Designs Ice Cube Tray

Whimsy is the inspiration behind these creative molds. There are three shapes to choose from – cat, dog, and man. These molds are less than five inches wide and about nine inches long. Each one serves double duty and can also be used as chocolate molds for party favors.

The various shapes are useful for a variety of themed parties. Children will like the animal shaped ice cubes. The ‘Perfect Man’ would be appropriate for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Each of the four available designs are priced separately. The ‘Perfect Dog’ and ‘Perfect Cat’ molds are $9.30. The ‘Perfect Man’ mold comes in two colors: red and blue.

Talisman Designs Ice Cube Tray

5. Stacking 50 Cavity Building Block Candy Mold

This ice tray creates 50 stacking, brick shaped cubes. It comes with a bonus six-figure mold. The set includes a 5 ml dropper that makes it easy to fill the tiny spaces. These brick shaped ice cubes are great for a kid’s or adult’s birthday party. The 50 pieces will stack so that you can build a variety of items with the square and rectangle bricks.

The Modern Gummy 50 Cavity Building Block

4. KICHIN ‘Easy Release’ Premium Silicone Travel Ice Cube Tray

Thirty-six one-inch ice cubes are what you will get with this 2-count package of silicone ice trays. This double mold takes up a compact 7.8 x 4.1 x 1.2 inches in your freezer when stacked. For planning purposes, each opening holds about half an ounce of liquid too. Smaller cubes like these will freeze faster than traditionally sized cubes. Apart from its ice molding capabilities, this tray can be used to freeze homemade broth, homemade baby food, or even mold chocolates. Gelatin cubes are also a popular idea for silicone molds.


Premium Silicone Travel Ice Cube Tray

3. Candy Molds & Ice Cube Trays

Square or sphere? These tiny ice cubes are made in petite trays that each measure 9.45 x 2.95 x 0.79 inches. The silicone is rigid enough to hold its shape, but flexible enough to make releasing the individual cubes easy. Small cubes are best for drinks that need to cool down quickly. They are also useful for people who like to chew on ice. The cubes this size are also good for adding just the smallest amount of ice to your beverage.

Bihua Ice Cube Trays

2. Peak Ice Works Large Cube Tray

Unlike many molds, this large tray comes with a cover to prevent freezer burn. Each of the four cubes is 2.25 inches. The entire tray is rather small, measuring only 6.4 x 6.4 x 2.4 inches. Do not let the small size fool you though, because the larger cubes will take longer to grow hard in the freezer. Trays like this make great gifts for friends who like their liquor cold but not diluted. The cover is unique and keeps the ice from smelling or tasting like other food items in the freezer.
Peak Ice Works Large Cube Tray

1. Silicone Ice Tray Makes 7 Ice Smiley face

Use this tray to make seven smile ice cubes that will make everyone grin. Each cube is about two inches in diameter. Due to the shallow size of each mold, these faces will freeze about as quickly as a traditional ice cube shape. Smile ice cubes are fun when you need to bring a smile to someone’s face. They will also be useful for a child’s birthday party if you buy multiple molds or plan ahead and make lots of ice.

AllDeals Silicone Ice Tray


Silicone makes the best ice cube tray material. I find that slow melting ice is important when you do not want to sacrifice the flavor or strength of a drink. It was hard to decide which one is the best ice cube tray but I choose the Vitabliss round ice mold. It has double the capacity and round ice will not chip off in my glass. The two-part construction makes it possible to add fresh fruit to my ice for both flavor and color.

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