Ice Maker Repair DIY

Is your ice maker not working? Is this causing a load of unneeded frustration?

The main reason why ice makers can be difficult to diagnose is because it takes a couple hours to freeze. After a repair has been completed, it would be insane to stand there waiting for the next harvest cycle.

However, to ensure the ice maker is working, you need to observe and note that the next harvest cycle has been completed properly.

Also, if the ice maker isn’t fixed properly the first time around, symptoms may take a while to develop and become apparent to the owner.

Most ice makers are sensitive to temperature. As the temperature of your freezer fluctuates, this sensitivity may result in intermittent symptoms.

Ice maker repair

Ice makers have a mind of their own in a way – they have a tendency to behave erratically. This can cause a difficult diagnosis. A general understanding of how a certain design works can significantly help in removing the uncertainty of these intermittent issues.

Before diving into the repairs, take some time to observe your ice maker’s symptoms.

I know, it sounds weird.

However, knowing how your ice maker should be behaving may help in understanding what’s not working properly. Whether you have a small ice maker machine or a big one, there’s a solution for you. All you need is a bit of patience.

Common Issues and Their Diagnosis

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Has your freezer or fridge become warmer or colder recently? This may signify refrigerator problems, rather than icemaker issues.

Freezer temperature should typically land between 0 and 15 degrees F. If your thermostat reads any higher than this, the ice may not be freezing quickly enough, or it may not be triggering a “harvest cycle.”

Temperatures higher than this standard may result in the cold air migrating to the refrigerator area.

Has your refrigerator or freezer door been opened a lot? In some cases, this can result in a high freezer temperature which causes slow ice production. This can also create “shelling” which is the term used to describe ice cubes that are not frozen entirely before the harvesting cycle commences.

The way in which the ice is slabbing may help you figure out the issue.

For instance, ice cubes that are frozen together at the top can mean there’s an overfilling problem. Ice slabs in the bin can mean either shelling or leakage of the ice mold.

These icemaker complaints are typically categorized into five core issues:

  1. “My ice cubes taste/smell bad!”
  2. “My ice is slabbing!” – Re: ice cubes are fusing together into large blocks.
  3. “My ice cubes are hollow!” This is the process of “shelling” or not entirely freezing before being dispensed into the ice bucket.
  4. “My fill tube continue to fill with ice and is blocking the flow of filling water!”
  5. “My ice maker is just not working.” This means there is little to no ice being produced.

Issues: Solved

Although there are many reasons for these ice maker machine complaints, we have outlined the top two most common symptoms and solutions.


As mentioned above, this occurs when ice isn’t properly ejecting from the ice mold.

When ice cubes remain in the ice mold after a harvesting cycle, the new water will cause the mold to overflow. Either this, or it may create a thick coating of ice to form on the top of the cubes. When this happens, the icemaker can jam up and the issue will become greater every time you attempt to dispense ice cubes.

One of the main culprits of this is the freezer food is placed too closely to the ice maker. This may prevent ice from dispensing into the bin. It can also cause interference with the ice level sensor arm.

Another reason could be that the ice mold surface is too rough to allow the ice to slide out when tipped over. You will know if this issue has become extreme when you see grey flakes in the ice cubes.

The solution is to replace the ice mold. In some instances, you can remove the sediment with a lime cleaner then rinse the mold with a solution and flush it with water.

Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure is below 20 psi, it can cause a lower water fill and smaller cube size.

At times, cubes may be ejecting improperly and remain in the mold.

The next water fill will create an overfill – therefore starting slapping symptoms.

If this happens, make sure the water pressure, connecting to your refrigerator is turned up to a reasonable level.

Ice Maker Repair DIY: Conclusions

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If your ice maker isn’t working, don’t fret. There are many diagnoses and therefore, many DIY solutions. The most important thing to remember is to be patient and remember to watch the symptoms closely.

You’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars on repair by simply following these suggestions and steps!

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