Igloo ICE108 Compact Ice Maker Review

The ICE108 is a compact ice maker that can make up to 26 pounds of bullet-shaped ice per day in two sizes. The final product of this ice maker is shaped like a top-hat and melts down slowly, therefore it will not dilute your drinks.

The ice maker is solidly built and very well insulated so ice will stay solid for hours after being made. In this article, we will review the Igloo compact ice maker and go through its basic specs, functionality, and strengths and weaknesses according to dozens of reviews from verified customers.

Igloo ICE108 Compact Ice Maker – Description

FRIGIDAIRE Portable Compact Maker, Counter Top Ice Making Machine,...
  • TURQUOISE/TEAL Shade of Blue
  • Enjoy a constant flow and batches of ice in as little as 6 minutes
  • Produces 26 lbs of ice per day in choice of 2 ice sizes

Measuring 14.5 in. in height, 15 in. in depth, and 11.25 in width, it is easy to place this ice maker on the kitchen counter, table counter, in your RV, or outdoors around your house.

Its metallic blue color makes it stand out from other appliances. Nevertheless, the Igloo ICE108 is also available in white, silver, or stainless steel finish.

It has a large window on its lid, which makes it easy to see how much ice cubes are in the ice bin. The solid build makes it a reliable ice maker. It has push buttons on its lid and a removable ice bin. In addition, it comes with an ice scoop.

Igloo ICE108 Compact Ice Maker – Specs

  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 11.2 x 14.8 inches
  • Weight: 19.7 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Amps: 15 A
  • Daily Ice Making Capacity: 26 pounds
  • Ice Shape: Bullet
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Energy Star Rated: No
  • Operating Cycle: 6-8.5 minutes
  • Ice Making Capacity Per Cycle: About 9 cubes
  • Full Ice Basket Indicator: Yes
  • Add Water Indicator: Yes
  • Drain Type: None
  • Number of Ice Sizes: 2
  • Timer: No
  • Self-Cleaning Function: No
  • Ice Storage: Yes
  • Removable Ice Bin: Yes
  • Reversible Door: No
  • Water Capacity: 3 quarts

Operating the Igloo ICE108 Compact Ice Maker

With this Igloo compact ice maker, using it is fairly easy. As long as you have a power socket or a generator, you can operate it anywhere. After you unbox it, let it sit for 2 or more hours so that the cooling agent can settle down.

Next, remove the ice tray, pour water, and put the ice bin back. Close the lid and let it do its magic. In as little as 6 minutes – but up to 15 depending on the temperature – you’ll have your first batch of ice cubes.

The machine will keep producing ice cubes until it runs out of water, after which it will alert you when the ice bin is full or when it needs more water. And, as with other compact ice makers, it recycles the remaining water from melted ice cubes. So you don’t need to worry if your freezer is full or if you forget to empty the basket.

Igloo ICE108 Compact Ice Maker – Pros and Cons


  • Batches of ice made in as little as 6 minutes
  • Solid construction
  • 26 pounds of ice made daily
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Inexpensive


  • Ice tends to have an odd taste; however, this can be based either on personal taste or the initial cleaning of the Igloo compact ice maker
  • A bit louder than expected
  • Small difference between the two ice sizes
Customer rating:

What Users Say

Users almost unanimously agree that the Igloo compact ice maker is both reliable and sturdy. They all love how fast the ice making cycle is and the total producing capacity per day. And the fact that it recycles the remaining water is a plus for their overall satisfaction.

However, there were two customers who were dissatisfied with their purchase. More precisely, the former thought that the ice cubes tasted weird, even though they used clean, bottled water for the ice cubes. The latter was not able to use the programming option of the ice maker.

There is a small issue: there is no significant difference between the different sizes of the ice cubes. However, that is not necessarily a deal breaker – it all goes down to personal taste.

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Now you have an overall image of the Igloo ICE108 compact ice maker. We strongly recommend buying this great ice making unit if you need a small but quick ice output.

This model is well built, it has a beautiful color, and a large window on top through which you can observe the level of ice in the ice tray. And not to forget its compactness: You can take it with you in your RV, when camping, or in the garden when the party goes from your house to your yard, in the clear, and beautiful summer night.

What do you think? Are you an owner of this Igloo ice maker? If yes, share your experience and thoughts with us.

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