Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH Portable Ice Maker Review

The Ivation portable ice maker is designed to be a portable, compact ice maker that’s easy to use and dispenses quality ice. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use, and it makes ice quite quickly. That means this ice maker is ideal for those who need a small ice maker for home use or for parties. No ice maker is perfect, so here we’ve gathered all of the information you need to decide if this ice maker is right for you, from pros and cons to user reviews.

Ivation Portable Ice Maker – Description

Ivation portable ice maker

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This ice maker uses modern compressor refrigeration technology to quickly and efficiently make ice cubes. The sleek design includes a removable tray for transferring ice cubes out of the storage bin, which holds 2.2 pounds of ice. This ice maker also includes an LCD display that will alert you about what’s going on with the machine, whether it’s a low water level or a full ice tray.

You can choose from three sizes when making ice cubes, and schedule the ice maker to stop making ice when you need it to. The ice is soft and hollow, perfect for multiple uses. There’s a see-through window so that you can see the ice as it’s being made.

The Ivation ice maker requires almost no installation. Simply plug it into a power source, fill the water reservoir, and get started. It’s compact and portable enough to fit on a countertop or move from place to place if needed.

Ivation Portable Ice Maker – Specs

  • Produces 26.5 pounds of ice every 24 hours
  • Holds 2.2 pounds of ice in built-in storage bin
  • Takes an average of 6 minutes to make ice
  • Makes ice in three different sizes, all soft and chewable
  • Includes removable tray to transfer ice
  • Includes a removable, refillable water tank
  • The water recycling system reuses melted ice water to make new ice
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • 11.7 x 14.2 x 13.3 inches
  • White

Operating the Ivation Portable Ice Maker

This ice maker is easy to use, compact, and portable. Thus, it’s ideal for using at home, since it won’t take up very much counter space. It’s also great for taking to picnics or in your RV. As long as there’s an electrical outlet, you can use this unit either outside or inside. It would work well for entertaining guests since it produces just the right amount of ice for several people to use at a time.

To use this ice maker, just fill the water reservoir with clean water — filtered water or bottled water works best. Then use the LCD display to program the ice maker to your liking. You can choose ice from three different sizes, and schedule the ice maker to stop making ice at a certain time. The unit will hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice in its bin before having to put elsewhere the already made ice.

This ice maker takes around 6 minutes to complete making ice. When the ice is done, use the removable tray to easily transfer ice to where it’s needed. The water will likely not need to be refilled for a few cycles of ice-making since it holds 2.8 liters of water.

The storage bin in this ice maker uses refrigeration technology to keep the ice cool, but it is not a freezer. Thus, if the ice is left for too long, it will melt. If this happens, this ice maker has a useful water recycling system that removes any water waste or drainage. The melted ice will simply cycle back into the ice maker, turning into ice again. This is not the most efficient use of energy, but it’s useful if you forget to use the ice before it melts. The Ivation ice maker costs only $79.99 on Amazon,  which makes it more than affordable.

Ivation Portable Ice Maker – Pros and Cons


  • Compact design
  • Three cube sizes
  • Easy controls with LCD display
  • Removable tray to dispense ice easily
  • Affordable price
  • No water waste or melted ice thanks to water recycling system
  • Storage bin holds 2.2 pounds of ice
  • LCD display uses “smart alerts” so you always know what needs to be done/fixed
  • Built-in timer for scheduling when ice should be ready


  • Ice doesn’t stay completely frozen in storage bin
  • Not a stand-alone machine
  • Some flaws with timer and water recycling system
  • Timer beep can be loud

What Users Say

The Ivation ice maker has mostly positive reviews. Users say it’s quick and easy to set up and that it doesn’t take long to start becoming cold and making ice. That means it truly is portable and easy to move from place to place, getting the same quality of ice every time. They like its quickness, and that the ice is great for using in drinks or just chewing on to stay cool.

Some other users have found that the unit can be too noisy in multiple respects. Firstly, you can hear the ice clanking into the storage bin as it’s made. Secondly, when the timer goes off or a “smart alert” goes off, it’s a very loud beep that can get annoying over time. Other issues involve the control panel, which some have found difficult to use, and the ice maker’s short life span.

However, for most buyers, it has been a low-maintenance, efficient ice maker that is well worth the money. When considering this unit, take all of these opinions into account.


If you often use ice for your drinks or just to chew on, and don’t have an ice maker built into your fridge, the Ivation portable ice maker is likely a great choice for you. It doesn’t cost a great deal of money, and it’s compact and portable. While it’s not the most lightweight machine in the world, it’s also light enough that you could take it with you for outdoor parties or camping. With its storage bin, LCD display, and water recycling system, this ice maker has everything you need.


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