Knox Portable Ice Maker Review

Choosing the right portable ice maker can be challenging. The product’s weight, ease-of-use, speed of operation, and ice cube size should all be considered when trying to choose the ideal machine for your needs. To make the process of choosing easier for you, we have provided a detailed review of the Knox Portable Ice Maker. The Knox is a simple-to-use ice maker that is versatile and dependable, making it the right fit for those considering the criteria mentioned above.

Knox Portable Ice Maker Description

Knox Portable Ice Maker


This portable ice maker from Knox comes in three different colors: red, white, and silver. The cube-like body and compact size of this product make it easy to take with you wherever you’ll need it. With dimensions of 16 inches x 14 inches x 14 inches, and a weight of only 24 lbs., the Knox can be easily thrown into a large bag for transport to parties, camping trips, and more.

Both the water tank and ice tray are removable. Also, the machine comes with a plastic ice scoop. The front of the ice maker features an LCD screen with a bright blue backlight, which displays notifications, time settings, and control options. On top of the ice maker is a small window that allows for you to watch the ice being made.

The Knox Portable Ice Maker offers versatility by allowing users to choose between three different ice cube sizes, which are all bullet-shaped. Simply plug the machine into any AC power outlet, choose a size and start time, and within six minutes the machine will have started producing ice. The Knox can yield up to 26.5 lbs. of ice a day, and the tray holds 2.5 lbs. at a single time.

Knox Portable Ice Maker Specs

  • Three bullet-shaped ice cube sizes: small, medium, and large
  • LCD control display with blue back-light
  • Window into ice chamber
  • Plugs into any AC power outlet
  • Recycles water for zero waste
  • 2.8 liter removable water reservoir
  • Six minute start-up time
  • Internal cooling fan

Operating the Knox Portable Ice Maker:

The Knox Portable Ice Maker plugs into any AC power outlet and can be used both indoors and outdoors. After plugging the machine in, simply choose what size ice you prefer on the LCD display. Next, choose whether to set the machine on a timer or begin making ice right away.

The removable ice tray will fill up with about 2.5 lbs. of ice at a time but will continue making new ice if you transfer the smaller batches into your cooler, freezer, or drinks. If emptied consistently throughout the day, the machine can make up to 26.5 lbs. of ice in a 24-hour time period.

Because this compact ice maker is portable and operates via AC outlet, it makes a great addition to camping trips, parties, cookouts, and everyday home use.

Knox Portable Ice Maker Pros and Cons:


  • Quiet performance: The Knox Portable Ice Maker runs much quieter than the standard ice machine. This is great if you plan to use the ice maker throughout the day in your home on a regular basis.
  • Versatility in size: You most likely will be using this ice maker for several different occasions. Depending on cup size, ice purpose, or any other factor, you can choose from three different ice cube sizes. This allows for the perfect drink every time.
  • Zero water waste: Even if the ice is left in the tray and melts, the ice maker recycles and freezes the water again. There is no waste of water during the process.
  • Making speed: The Knox Portable Ice Maker starts producing ice in just six short minutes. This means that you can have 2.5 lbs. of ice quicker than it would take you to freeze it on your own or even pick it up at the store.
  • Compact size: This ice machine is small, lightweight, and cube-shaped. It is easy to take it on-the-go, throw it in a bag, and use it almost anywhere.


  • Durability: The plastic housing of this ice maker isn’t as durable as metal options. Despite this, it shouldn’t be a problem during home use. However, without proper care, it can present problems during transport or outdoor operation.
  • No handle: Although this ice maker is portable, it does not have an easy-to-grip handle. This may prove to be cumbersome for some users.

What Users Say about the Knox Portable Ice Maker:

Many users and reviewers of this product are raving about the great quantity if ice that the machine produces. The nearly 27 lbs. of ice produced in a 24-hour period is quite impressive to many users.

Another user says that they absolutely love using their Knox Portable Ice Maker on camping trips. Many campgrounds provide access to AC power outlets, so the ice maker is easy to use. In conclusion, this helps keep the cooler stocked with ice for the entirety of your trip. That is, as long as you have access to clean water!

Unfortunately, one opinion several people have about this product is that it doesn’t last as long as they had hoped. Using it for long periods of time on a consistent basis, the Knox Portable Ice Maker may die out. You may need to repair or even replace the Knox ice maker.


For the low price and all of the advantages, we feel that the Knox Portable Ice Maker is a great product and meets all of the criteria for choosing the ideal ice maker. The pros heavily outweigh the few drawbacks that users may experience.

Please share with us your experiences with this ice machine and feel free to ask any questions you have about the product.