NutriChef Electronic Stainless Steel Countertop Ice Maker Review

Ice is a basic need for any party or large gathering. Not to mention a constant necessity for daily uses. However, most of the time our home freezers can make only so much ice at once. You might be asking yourself, how can I make more ice without having to make constant runs to the store and without filling the freezer with ice cube trays? I have just the answer for you, the NutriChef Electronic Stainless Steel Countertop Ice Maker. With this incredible tool, you can make over 22 pounds of ice on a daily basis supplying any need you have, whether it’s big or small.

NutriChef Electronic Stainless Steel Countertop Ice Maker Description

nutrichef ice maker

Where functionality meets precision craftsmanship, the NutriChef ice maker is made of a stainless steel outer shell. This high-powered ice maker can produce 22 pounds of ice in as little as 24 hours. With new batches ready every ten minutes, you will never be without a fresh supply of ice. This ice maker is also incredibly user-friendly. With easy to push buttons and indicator lights for any machine notifications, you’ll be surprised how luxurious making ice can be.

The display panel will light up every time you need to add water or empty your ice bucket. There is also a window in the top of the machine that will let you gauge the ice levels in the machine. This ice machine also features a large storage bin to hold and keep cold all of your ice. With the useful hand scoop shovel, providing ice for guests or friends has never been easier.

NutriChef Electronic Stainless Steel Countertop Ice Maker – Specs

  • Color: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 9.5” x 14.1” x 12.9”
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Length of one cycle: 10 minutes
  • Amount of ice made in 24 hours: 22 pounds
  • Ice storage capacity: 600 g.
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 1.7

Operating NutriChef Electronic Countertop Ice Maker

This compact electronic ice maker can be used in practically any location. As long as there is a spot to plug it in, it will make ice for you. Since it is one of the more compact models on the market, it would be ideal for regular kitchen use, small get-togethers, or on-the-go in an RV or boat. Since it does not have the same large storage capacity as some of the other ice makers out there, it is not recommended for professional use.

Operating this machine is as easy as pouring in water and pressing a button. It is hassle-free and simple. Turn it on and forget about it until you want a cold beverage. It even has LED light indicators to notify you when you need to add more water and when your ice tray is full. And when you are all finished, cleaning up is a breeze!

NutriChef Electronic Stainless Steel Countertop Ice Maker – Pros and Cons


  • Incredibly easy to set up, just pour in water and press the start button
  • Ice can be made in as little as 10 minutes
  • Offers the ability to create as much as 22 pounds of ice in as little as 24 hours
  • Made of a durable stainless steel outer shell
  • Includes hand scoop shovel for easy ice removal
  • Contains extra large ice bucket container
  • LED indicator lights for easy to read machine notifications
  • Can hold up to 1.7 Liters of water to prevent constant refills


  • Prone to water leakage
  • Breaks down faster than most ice makers
  • Notification beeps can be an annoyance
  • Louder than most other ice makers
  • Smaller sized interface than other ice makers

What Users Say

Just to make sure that our review is objective enough, here are some certified buyers’ Amazon reviews who bought the ice maker and who have expressed their opinion.

The first buyer is happy so far. He said that it’s a bit smaller than most other ice makers in the same price range but it does its job more than satisfactory. Since he and his family moved into a smaller place that did not come with an ice maker, this ice maker was the answer to their prayers. They store it away and only leave in on the counter when we are using it.

One other customer says that it is a fantastic little ice machine. They followed all the directions and says that it works like a charm. He loves that it alerts him when there needs to be added more water or when the bucket is full.
However, after three months the ice machine stopped working and leaked all over their hardwood floor. They are now back to the drawing board.

This last customer was anxious to buy this ice maker as he did not know the first thing about ice makers. Since his refrigerator does not have an ice machine, he decided to take the plunge. He is happy that this compact machine makes more than enough ice and does so in only 10 minutes. He says that it fits nicely right on the kitchen counter. For him, this was most definitely a worthwhile purchase.


The NutriChef electronic stainless steel countertop ice maker is a terrific tool for social gatherings or general daily use. It has a reasonable price and doesn’t take up too much space to give plenty of room for other kitchen appliances, with a durable stainless steel outer shell for a more modernized look. It’s easy to press buttons and easy-view LED notifications prove to be an important feature for using.

Not to mention that it has a handy see-through window on the side to view how much ice is filling up in the machine. Also, the fact that it can create 22 pounds of ice in a day is a big argument that it is perfect for larger parties. With its included hand scoop that the company provides, it is the best all in one electronic ice maker for any household.