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What makes the best outdoor ice maker worth the money? Well, there are several factors to take into consideration before you decide on the right one for your needs.

How effective the machine is, whether it’s freestanding or built-in, its daily ice output, and many more. Ideally, it should drain the water out as it melts so that the machine doesn’t create an ice block.

And it must be very well insulated so that less ice melts in the first place. Another thing you will should also think about is appearance.

We have compiled a list of the best outdoor ice makers based on their performance according to buyers.

10. U-Line Outdoor Crescent Outdoor Ice Maker

We start off our list with the U-Line outdoor ice maker – one of the most efficient on our list. It only needs 3 gallons of water to yield up to 23 pounds of ice, which is sufficient for 8 to 12 people on a hot summer day. The machine has a 12-pound storage bin and does not require a drain line, making installation a breeze.

It produces crescent-shaped ice cubes and has a reversible door. In addition, its exterior is vinyl coated; this gives off a smooth, elegant texture AND makes the machine scratch- and peel-resistant.

9. Hoshizaki 321-lbs Cubelet Ice Machine and Dispenser

This machine can produce up to 321 pounds of ice cubes in a day and store 40 pounds at a time, which makes it a high-capacity outdoor ice maker. The stainless steel design is great for both commercial or residential use – just keep its astronomical output in mind!

The machine comes with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel exterior and antimicrobial protection, which will slow down the slime and bacteria growth within the interior of the unit.

Hoshizaki KML325MAJ 30" Stainless Steel Ice Maker
  • Half Sized Crescent Shaped Cubes
  • Air Cooled Condenser

8. Aicok Portable Outdoor Ice Maker

The Aicok ice maker is a compact appliance that can make the first batch of 9 ice cubes in as little as 6 minutes with a daily ice cube output of 26 pounds. It comes with a removable ice basket and a plastic scoop, both BPA-free.

In addition, this compact and portable stainless steel ice maker can also be programmed to start or stop in one-hour increments. The ice maker comes with a 24-month warranty.

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This product is also featured on our list of the best countertop ice makers – check it out!

7. Manitowoc UDF-0190A NEO Air Cooled Ice Machine

This Manitowoc is wired for 115v plugin and makes full ice cubes. It will make 198 pounds of ice in 24 hours but the bin can only hold 90 pounds at a time. It has a self-cleaning function that does what is supposed to and a sleek design, which some users might consider outdated.

Before considering this machine, you should also know it does not come with all the hookups you need to install it; you will need a filter, pump, drain tube, and everything in between.

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6. Blaze Stainless Steel Outdoor Ice Maker

This one will make 50 pounds of ice while storing up to 25 pounds. It comes with a water filter and a percolating cold plate which ensure the purity of the ice cubes and is also Energy Star rated.

The door is reversible for installation ease and the digital controls are hidden behind the door so that you don’t accidentally change the temperature.

You can install this machine under counter or as a freestanding unit no matter the terrain or counter height as it also comes with four leveling legs. In addition, it also comes with a stainless steel scoop, a drain line, and a water line.

Blaze 50 Lb. 15-Inch Outdoor Rated Ice Maker with Gravity Drain -...
  • Produces up to 50 pounds of cube shaped ice per day with a 25 pound storage capacity
  • Energy Star rating ensures operating efficiency
  • In-line water filter & percolating cold plate ensure clean ice production
Customer rating:

5. Scotsman Brilliance Stainless Steel Outdoor Ice Maker

This Scotsman outdoor ice maker can produce up to 65 pounds of ice per day and can store up to 26 in its bin. It yields crystal clear gourmet ice cubes that are slow-melting and completely taste-free.

This machine also features a water quality sensor, a lighted bin, and a self-closing, reversible door for convenient installation. This outdoor ice machine has a stainless steel cabinet and front door and also comes with a user-friendly control panel that alerts you when the water is low or when the machine needs cleaning.

Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker, Gourmet Cube, Air Cooled,...
  • PRODUCTION: Produces up to 64 lb. of gourmet ice in 24 hours and stores up to 26 lb. of ice.
  • COMPACT: 15” cabinet width for placement in tight locations.
  • QUALITY: Uniquely-shaped, crystal-clear, slow-melting, taste-free, odorless ice - won’t dilute the flavor of drinks.

4. Maxx Cold Outdoor Ice Maker

This outdoor ice maker produces up to 50 pounds of crystal-clear ice cubes each day and can be used for households or commercially, as it’s NSF- and UL-approved. It features a stainless steel exterior with a reversible door and comes equipped with a self-contained condenser.

The products measures 14.60 inches in width, 34.70 inches in height, and 24.90 inches in depth and is suitable for freestanding or built-in applications.

Maxx Ice MIM50-O Outdoor Self Contained Ice Maker, 50-Pound
  • Up to 50 pounds daily ouput capacity
  • Air cooled condenser
  • Stainless steel construction

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3. Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker

This unit makes restaurant-style quality ice cubes that are crystal clear and, according to the manufacturer, melt much slower than cloudy ones. It can produce 28 pounds per day and requires no plumbing which also makes it portable.

This is a great fit for any occasion and can accommodate a good sized event from home. You can also read our full review to get a better idea of the product.

Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine | First Cubes In 15 Minutes,...
  • Have clear, restaurant quality ice that melts 5 times slower than cloudy ice
  • Powerful compressor produces 28 pounds of ice a day so you never have to run to the store for a bag of ice again
  • Simple, hassle-free ice dispenser requires no installation - just plug in, add water and wait up to 15 minutes to enjoy...
Customer rating:

2. Scotsman 65 lbs Self-Contained Gourmet Ice Machine

Scotsman is the world’s largest manufacturer of ice machines, and, with over 300 models, they made it on the list of best outdoor ice makers. This outdoor ice maker can store 26 pounds of ice and produce 65 pounds in a day.

It features a water-quality sensor so you know your ice is free of impurities and a drain pump that keeps water from just pooling around the machine. The self-closing door adds to the convenience of this machine while ensuring your ice stays solid.

This Scotsman outdoor ice maker is the second best outdoor ice maker on this list.

Scotsman CU50PA-1A Undercounter Ice Maker, Gourmet Cube, Air Cooled,...
  • Designed for commercial applications
  • Control panel informs about water condition
  • Approved for outdoor use
Customer rating:

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1. Scotsman CU0515GA Air Cool Ice Cube Maker

Moving on to the best choice possible, we have the Scotsman CU2026SA-1 ice maker that can up to 218 lb. of crystal-clear ice cubes per day. It features a compact design which makes it suitable for tight spaces and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The product measures 26 inches in width, 39 inches in height, and 27 3/8 inches in depth. The ice maker’s control panel notifies you of scale buildup so that you know exactly when to  descale, sanitize, and more.

Scotsman CU0515GA Self Contained Gourmet Ice Maker, Air Condenser, 84...
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Power cord for quick installation
  • Under counter bar installation puts the ice where it is needed; legs allow for cleaning below and for aisle ventilation
Customer rating:


Outdoor ice machines are different from your run of the mill ice maker because they are equipped to keep ice coming and are designed to hold up against harsh weather.

Even with a tight budget, you can find an affordable option for the best outdoor ice machine with a little research. Share your thoughts and experiences with us and, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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