Thank you or taking the time to review Privacy Policy. We care about data safety just as much as you. In this section, we will explain how we collect, store and use information about you. If you decide to continue using our, you implicitly agree to the terms outlined in our privacy policy.

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Types of Information We Collect

The only type of information we automatically collect from all our visitors is non-personally identifiable information. This kind of information cannot be used to identify you as a person and includes the date and time of your visit, browser type, and other browsing patterns.

We only ask for personally identifiable information when you attempt to submit comments or use other forms on our website. In these cases, we never collect the information without asking for your consent. Personally-identifiable information can be used to identify you and includes full name and e-mail address. However, if you are not comfortable with sharing your real name and primary e-mail address with the team, you can always use an alias and a secondary e-mail address or even a disposable one.

How We Gather Information

We only ask for personally identifiable information when you want to submit a comment.

When you enter our website, we automatically collect non-personally identifiable information using log files and cookies. Log files let us know when you entered our site, how much time you spent on a page and what pages you viewed while you were here. These tools also let us know which websites you visited before and after viewing our website.

Cookies are harmless, and they do not provide us with personally identifiable information. Instead, they help us track your interests when you browse the internet. They tell us which websites you visited before coming to, which sites you visited after and topics that interest you. We need this information to know what improvements we can make to our own website. They allow us to customize your internet browsing experience.

You can turn off cookies at any time from your browser’s settings tab. Bear in mind that some pages might not work properly if you do so. If you notice that happening, you can turn on cookies to see if the problem resolves.

How We Use the Information We Collect

Non-personally identifiable information is used strictly for statistical purposes and to help us optimize our content. This type of information tells us what you are interested in when visiting, the type of articles you prefer reading and how much time you are willing to spend on our website. With this information, we can tailor our content to suit the needs and preferences of our readers.

Personally-identifiable information is used to ensure we, the team and you, the user, can communicate with ease.

Sharing Your Information

We do not share your personally-identifiable information with third parties. We share non-personally identifiable information to optimize your browsing experience and provide you with content that is relevant to your interests and needs. We may also share your information with authorities or government agencies when we are required to do so by law. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which grants websites advertising fees whenever someone makes a purchase from Amazon after clicking on an link on our website without changing the price you pay for said product. Therefore, we automatically send data about our visitors’ browsing patterns to help them customize their offers according to your needs and preferences.

Third Party Websites

At times, we may link to other websites, to provide you with more reference material. The present privacy policy applies solely to When you visit an external link, this privacy policy no longer applies. We cannot be held accountable for any data losses or damages you may incur while visiting third party websites.

Please keep in mind this affiliation does not influence the choice of products we recommend or the content of our reviews. This affiliation also does not affect the price you pay for the product as the advertising commission is granted out of’s own earnings.

Amazon Affiliates Program takes part in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which provides a means for sites like ours to increase their revenues with advertising fees. We use affiliate links to keep track of which users visit their website after being referred there by our website.


We do our best to protect your privacy and valuable personal information. When posting on, please refrain from posting any personally identifiable information in the comments sections. These sections are public, and as such, anyone can view your personal information. We generally view comments before accepting them, and we will delete this type of information from your comment. However, to ensure your privacy, avoid writing your full name, email address, phone number or personal address in these sections.

Avoid sending personal information using insecure channels, such as public WI-FI. Do not send personal information sources you do not trust, or who cannot provide you with solid credentials.