Sunpentown IM-150US Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer Review

Ice can be a hard amenity to come by, especially because your freezer can only make so much at one time. Instead of buying bags and bags of it at your local grocery store, try out the new Sunpentown Sunpentown stainless steel undercounter ice maker. This ice maker makes up to 12 pounds. So let’s dive right in this Sunpentown IM-150US stainless steel undercounter ice maker with freezer review. Our review will keep account of price, features, user reviews, and operation mode.

Sunpentown Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer Description


Sunpentown Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker

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If you’re looking towards throwing a large party in the next few weeks, I highly suggest trying out this electronic ice maker. Built with strong stainless steel outer shell, it can last months, if not years.With a fully reversible door, it can make up to 12 pounds of ice on a daily basis, and store 6 pounds for weekly use. Weighing a heavy 55 pounds, it is built to properly contain and make ice without any noticeable leakage or wear and tear.

In addition, you can store this ice maker under your countertop to maximize your kitchen space for other handy appliances. However, installing can be a little tricky since you need a certified plumber to correctly hook it up. Overall, it offers a very simple yet effective take on the more popular portable ice maker.

Sunpentown Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker – Specs

  • Color: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • Amount of ice made in 24 hours: 12 pounds
  • Storage capacity: 6 pounds

Operating Sunpentown Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker

This hefty ice maker is ideal for indoor use. It fits nicely under a kitchen counter or could be placed in a garage. Just be sure that where you put it is where you want it to stay, as it can be a real hassle to move it. It can be used outdoors too, in a permanent outdoor bar or poolside area. This ice machine could be installed in an RV so long as it has a pressurized water source and can be plugged into an 110V receptacle.

Making ice with this machine is fairly simple. There are two ways to do it. You can have it installed by a plumber who can hook it up to a water line. Or you can also manually fill the water tank. Afterward, press the on button and wait for your ice! Your ice will stay cold in the ice maker for as long as you leave it in there.

Sunpentown Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker – Pros and Cons


  • Strong stainless outer shell
  • Can make up to 12 pounds of ice daily
  • Can store up to 6 pounds of ice
  • Fully reversible door
  • Can be installed in any home or RV


  • Weighs over 50 pounds
  • Very expensive
  • Requires installation by a certified plumber
  • Interior fan is poorly made and can cause ice to melt
  • Bad customer service

What Users Say

Want to know what real users had to say about this ice maker? Here’s what a few Amazon customers had to say about the Sunpentown IM-150US.

The first reviewer bought the ice maker because their refrigerator’s ice maker could not meet their needs. After a few minutes setting up, they were quickly able to enjoy their new ice maker. The Sunpentown makes enough ice for their whole family to enjoy and even leave some leftovers. Their only complaint was the plastic water supply hose that comes with this machine. However, they decided to trade it in for a copper one and have had no problems.

Another user was not so lucky with their ice maker. They said that their product stopped working after four or five uses. That was because the product had serious water damage that had been there long before they even received the ice maker. It was past the return date and customer service was not very helpful. Even though this product comes with a warranty, the buyer must pay to box and ship the machine back, which can be costly. Needless to say, they were not very happy with this ice machine.

This reviewer fell in love with this ice machine. It took them a short amount of time to install and set up this machine to begin making ice. He was really impressed by the amount of ice they were able to make in a short period of time. Even more, they loved how quickly this machine produced ice. And they found the ice maker to be much quieter than expected.


If you’re planning smaller parties or need a large amount of ice on a daily basis this ice maker is a perfect buy. It has a solid steel build, which can help make it last for a lengthy amount of time. However, it’s not as portable and easy to move around the kitchen as other electronic ice makers.

Another notable topic is the lack of features it comes with, only a simple on/off switch. The majority of ice makers come with notification lights and sounds with a touch interface. So, unfortunately, this one lacks quite a bit. Gimmicks aside, it’s a great machine for its purpose of making ice. It is perfect for regular use but at a large price tag, you’d better rethink how much ice you use regularly before adding it to your cart.