Your Ultimate Appliance Repair Guide: Refrigerator Repair & 6 Common Issues

Your refrigerator is a home appliance that continually runs, day and night in order to keep your food chilled and healthy for consumption.

That’s some hard work.

It’s shocking that refrigerators can keep up that hard work without experiencing constant burn-outs. On the occasion that your refrigerator does breaks down, it could mean facing a hefty repair bill, along with the cost and cleanup of bad food.

That’s what we’re here for.

This blog will outline everything you need to know to repair your freezer and refrigerator by yourself.

Repairs are surprisingly quite easy. All you need is the right tools, knowledge about the appliance at hand, and of course, patience.

We’re your refrigerator repair and online appliance doctor, ready to provide the knowledge you need for a smooth and stress-free freezer repair.

Online appliance pros, at your service!

Refrigerator Repair: Must-have Preliminary Information

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In order to properly and effectively finish an appliance repair, it’s beneficial to know the basic components of your appliance first, including how they work and common issues they experience.

Refrigerators and freezers are made of two basic parts: an evaporator coil and a condenser coil. A liquid refrigerant is circulated along these coils by a motor and compressor.

This liquid is cooled in the condenser and then flows towards the evaporator. There, the air is cooled at immediate contact with this coil that is now filled with cooled liquid.

refrigerator repair

The coolant is brought through the system by a compressor.

Most freezers and refrigerators are designed to be frost-free. A heater is automatically activated by a timer to melt the frost that is inside of the unit. This frost is melted in many different areas. As soon as the frost is entirely melted, the thermostat immediately flips to a cooling cycle so that the unit can maintain the desired freezing or cooling temperature. This process makes it so frost doesn’t build up inside of the freezer or refrigerator.

Besides the unit’s compressor system which is built to force the liquid coolant through the system’s coils, the other main parts of the system involve switches, heaters, thermostats, fans and condensers.

Many of these components can be DIY fixed, as long as you can pin-point where the issue is coming from. Once you do this, you can begin dismantling your refrigerator to get to the source of the issue.

NOTE: Before performing maintenance on an electrical appliance, the user must make sure the appliance is unplugged.

6 Common Issues that Result in Refrigerator Repairs

In order to know how to fix your refrigerator, you must know what the problem is.

We have laid out the top 6 most common refrigerator and freezer issues that you could experience as a homeowner.

In order to figure out HOW to fix these issues, check out the advice or links we’ve provided to helpful sources that will teach you how to fix the problem, step-by-step.

1.    Refrigerator Won’t Turn On

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This is likely to an electronic issue. New refrigerators are usually operated by an Electronic Control Board.

This monitors the temperatures and is in control of the compressor, defrost system and fans.

If your refrigerator refuses to start, the issue could be a faulty control board. Before jumping to conclusions, make sure you rule out power issues and that the external controls are all functioning properly. Observe the control board for any signs of burnt connections, arching, or damage.

Before inspecting the control board, make sure to unplug the refrigerator from any power source.

2.    Fridge Won’t Maintain a Cold Temperature

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This issue is likely due to the defrost thermostat. More than likely needs to be replaced if the contacts have been frozen over.

In order to start this process, you must first unplug your fridge and attempt to clean the condenser coils with a proper brush or vacuum.

3.    Ice maker Isn’t Working

This is most likely due to the ice maker’s motor becoming seized up. Either this, or the water inlet valve could be clogged. To begin, check for any tears or kinks that may have been created in the valve. Please note, the water supply must be turned off before attempting this.

4.    The refrigerator is Making Strange Noises

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If your refrigerator is making creepy or just plain annoying noises, the problem is likely due to a damaged electronic control board, which will require a replacement.

If you have ruled this option out, another culprit could be the condenser fan. This fan, located at the rear access panel, could be dirty or obstructed by another object of some sort.

To check, remove the rear access panel, locate the fan and clean the fan with a brush or vacuum.

5.    Refrigerator isn’t Dispensing Ice

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A common diagnosis for this issue is dirty filters. Over time, the water filter collects debris that it’s designed to filter.

The first step to fix this problem is by changing the filter regularly.

Many newer refrigerators are built with sensors that will tell you when you should change your filter.

Another reason for this issue is that the water valve, located at the back of the freezer, may need to be replaced or simply cleaned if it’s clogged or fails to open and close.

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There you have it!

Everything you need to know about your refrigeration issues and possible diagnosis for each.

Are you experience different issues? Let us know, we’d love to hear about them!

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